At a glance

Giving Options:
  • Structured tax-deductible giving via:
    • Charitable Fund Accounts or ‘sub-funds’; or
    • Private Ancillary Fund establishment and trustee-ship.
  • Tax-deductible donations that may assist in managing tax affairs.
  • Giving Circle membership where clients (or you and your colleagues) can ‘learn by doing’.
  • Facilitating Gift in Will discussions with clients where bequests are for the benefit of Greater Melbourne.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation partners with lawyers, financial planners, accountants and wealth advisors, who are dedicated to helping their clients fulfil their charitable goals.

We offer support and resources to complement the service professional advisors provide to their clients, helping them to experience the joy of effective giving and understand how their philanthropy can create meaningful positive social change and help to make Melbourne a better place for all.


Why partner with us?

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is Australia’s oldest and largest community foundation. Through our future focused research, innovative grantmaking, partnerships and impact investing, we are helping communities across Melbourne transition to become healthy, resilient and sustainable.

As an independent, not-for-profit community foundation, we provide a simple and personal approach to giving. Our expertise includes:

    Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the critical issues facing greater Melbourne and the charities working to address these challenges;

    Our team can provide philanthropic expertise on tax-deductible planned giving options, such as establishing a Charitable Fund Account or Private Ancillary Fund (PAF);

    We have a long history of responding to the changing needs of the community and can help your clients create a legacy for the future through bequests;

  • EASY
    We take care of the investment, governance, compliance and administration, allowing clients to focus on supporting the issues they are passionate about;

    We provide co-funding and collective giving opportunities to maximise the impact of your client’s philanthropy.