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Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s strategic asset allocation maintains both growth and defensive assets. The change in its investment allocation and strategy to a more institutional quality investment model over the past three to four years, with greater diversification, has put the Foundation in a sound position during these uncertain economic times.

Looking back through our history, Australians have endured and survived natural disasters, economic downturns and major conflicts, and during these times of crisis, community foundations and charitable organisations have been at the forefront of community-led response and recovery.

Blog |  01 Jun 2020

First of all, I would like to send my best wishes to all readers of Connect as we work together to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that everyone is safe and well. I especially acknowledge the health and emergency workers who have stepped-up to make sure our health system provides the best medical support.

Blog |  21 May 2020

I have been observing the many exciting opportunities for Australia to ‘build back better’ through connecting the Federal and State Government stimulus funding with social and affordable housing supply, environmental conservation employment, and with renewable energy to achieve our energy superpower potential, and other initiatives.

Blog |  13 Mar 2020

Earlier this week, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation launched our 2020 Youth in Philanthropy program.

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