Our People



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Grants and Initiatives

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Marketing and Development

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Finance and Operations

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Media Enquiries

For media enquiries please contact:
Suzanne Doig
Senior Manager Communications and Events
Direct 9633 0008
Email suzanne.doig@lmcf.org.au

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Board Members

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Audit and Risk Committee

Craig Bell (Chair)
Gail Owen OAM
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Governance Committee

Gail Owen OAM (Chair)
Andrew Baxter
Dr Sandra Hacker AO 
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Investment Committee

Dr Raphael Arndt (Chair)
Daniel Leighton
Jane Hansen

Independent Committee Members
Jane Simon
Trevor Williams
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Strategic Marketing Committee

Jane Peck (Chair)
Andrew Baxter
Daniel Leighton

Independent Committee Members
Andy Gowers
Allan Kaufman
Mike Smith
Michelle Sherwood 
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Honorary Founding Patron - The Lord Mayor of the Day

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation is an independent community foundation established in 1923 by the then Lord Mayor, Sir John Swanson.

The Lord Mayor of the day is an honourary patron under the Foundation's Act.

The Foundation would like to thank former Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC for his support of the Foundation as our honourary Patron.

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