At a glance

For over 100 years, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has made a real and lasting impact on the big challenges facing Greater Melbourne and the broader community.

The Foundation monitors and researches current and emerging issues, such as through our regular Vital Signs Report, to prioritise and anticipate the needs of the community. This knowledge base informs the focus of the Foundation’s granting priorities in its Impact Areas and related Initiatives.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation takes a leading, proactive role addressing the social and environmental issues of the day through Initiatives, which champion cross-sector collaboration, innovation, and a long-term approach to change.

While as a community foundation we concentrate our efforts on Greater Melbourne, Victoria and occasionally, Australia, we recognise that many of the issues that we are addressing parallel those affecting the global community. As a result, our strategic objectives align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation goes beyond grantmaking to effect positive change. The Foundation utilises the many elements of the Philanthropy Toolbox in addition to grantingincluding making impact investments; influencing policy; conducting research; collaborating and fostering networks; employing strategic communications and reporting; and, designing catalytic initiatives with partners to demonstrate solutions to tough social or environmental challenges.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the impact of our work using our Impact Framework and share learnings through our Knowledge Hub, webinars events and publications.

Generous bequests and donations from the community and effective collaborations enable us to build the capacity of charitable and not-for-profit organisations and drive innovative solutions to the challenges of today for a more inclusive and equitable future.

The Foundation is committed to helping the community build back better as we move towards recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.