Sunday, 13 September 2020

Philanthropic foundations play a pivotal role in effecting positive, systemic social change through a range of mechanisms beyond simply distributing grants. Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation refers to this as the ‘philanthropy toolbox’. 

The Philanthropy Toolbox
Adapted from Tayart de Borms, Luc. (2005).
Foundations: Creating Impact in a Globalised World.
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Updated, Dr Catherine Brown, 2019.

From time to time, the Foundation undertakes and commissions research with universities and research or policy institutes to help understand a community challenge and share knowledge broadly, including among the not-for-profit sector, networks and its donors. It ensures that the Foundation is well-informed to make grants that support demonstration projects, influence policy, develop social enterprise and support innovative solutions to tough social and environmental challenges. 

With a deep understanding of the issues at play, the Foundation makes impact investments, which combine a financial return with a measurable social or environmental impact. These investments also aim to increase the financial sustainability and reach of not-for-profit organisations.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation fosters collaboration and networks by bringing people together in a safe space as an independent player, not bound to government and commercial pressures. 

The Foundation’s Initiatives are a compelling example of this, drawing leading organisations from diverse sectors to develop innovative and replicable solutions.

Through its grants, research, and robust networks, the Foundation seeks to influence the policy agenda where this will help solve entrenched social problems.

Through strategic communications the Foundation is committed to learning and sharing knowledge as we support thought and practice leaders who are working towards positive social and environmental change.

All these tools amplify the impact that Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation can have on tough social and environmental issues.