At a glance

Why Charitable Fund Accounts are the best way to build your legacy​:

Efficient and strategic way to manage your philanthropy

Access to expert support

Low annual fees

A Charitable Fund Account dedicated to the causes you care about most; give to Melbourne and beyond

A trusted organisation for close to 100 years

Enjoy the benefits of establishing a Charitable Fund Account

A Charitable Fund Account in the Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund is a powerful and efficient way to leave a legacy for future generations. We do all the heavy lifting, with no establishment fee and very low annual fees, leaving you to focus on the causes closest to your heart and the impact that you wish to create for years to come. 

How does it work? 

Give to the Charitable Fund Account you establish with an initial tax-deductible donation of at least $2,000. 

Grow the Charitable Fund Account balance with contributions and income accrued in one centralised account. 

Grant to your preferred charities and/or our Impact Area/s to support our strategic grants program once the balance of the Charitable Fund Account reaches $10,000. 

Diagram explaining how a Charitable Fund Account works.
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What is an example?

Barbara and John start The Generous Family Fund with a tax-deductible donation of $10,000. Over the year the funds are invested alongside other donor funds and work hard to accumulate interest in the Charitable Fund Account. 

After the end of financial year audit, they recommend distributions to support the cause they are most passionate about, preventing youth homelessness. They support two charities and the Foundation's Homelessness & Affordable Housing Impact Area. The Charitable Fund Account continues to grow year on year, and they are able to support the cause they are most passionate about perpetually.


What some of our fundholders have to say:


Jenny and Philip
“Over time we have come to appreciate the value of giving in perpetuity to support the causes that align with our interests. We established a Charitable Fund Account as a way to keep our family tradition of philanthropy going and to involve and inspire our three adult children. We wanted to help them become involved and leave a legacy.”
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Ian and Nancy

“Being involved and supporting our community has always been important to us. We have experienced both sides of the financial spectrum and this is a major factor in our wish to donate back to the community through Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.” 
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"When I became aware of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation and their Charitable Fund Accounts, I thought how wonderful it would be to set-up a memorial fund in my daughter, Heather’s name while also supporting The Compassionate Friends. I honour Heather's memory permanently as her fund will continue in perpetuity."
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