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Foote Trust Donor Advised Grants
14 - 29 April 2022
9 - 25 May 2022
Early July 2022
Enquiries for the Foote Trust Donor Advised Grants Round have closed. Please ensure you are subscribed to be notified about future grant opportunities.


In 2000, Mr Eldon Foote and his wife Anne established the Eldon & Anne Foote Trust with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation. Mr Foote was a successful Canadian lawyer, entrepreneur, and businessman and later, a very generous philanthropist.

At the age of 43, Mr Foote left behind his successful legal career and moved to Australia to begin his own business in consumer cleaning and hair products. He built this into an international operation, with a particular focus on Japan.

In May 2004, Mr Foote passed away, but he had provided for further distributions of funds to the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation through the Eldon & Anne Foote Trust, making him the largest donor to the Foundation.

Today, grants are made in many areas of interest as specified in the Foote Trust Deed of Gift. This includes grants from Mrs Foote’s donor advised fund. Under the Deed, the Board of the Foundation has the overall responsibility for final grant-making decisions.

The Foundation recognises Mr Foote’s exceptional philanthropic spirit. His gift has enabled the Foundation to have a greater impact on community needs through grant-making, and through inspiring others to also become philanthropists.

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**Enquiries for the Foote Trust Donor Advised Grants Round have closed. Please ensure you are subscribed to be notified about future grant opportunities.**