Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s donors Jenny and Philip Curtis established a charitable fund account with Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in 2013 as a way to give back to their community after enjoying successful careers in law and business.

“Both Jenny and I come from families who have always given back to their communities in some way. We have a shared history of supporting our community by finding ways in which to help those in need; whether as volunteers in a variety of community based organisations and as donors.

“Over time we have come to appreciate the value of giving in perpetuity to support the causes that align with our interests. We established our charitable fund account as a way to keep our family tradition of philanthropy going and to involve and inspire our three adult children. We wanted to help them become involved and leave a legacy.”


Philip and Jenny Curtis at the Foundation's 95th Anniversary Dinner.

Philip says that one of the benefits of having a charitable fund is that the administration is managed by the Foundation on behalf of the donor.

“We are able to concentrate on how we distribute the funds available to the cause we want to support. We are enjoying having our children involved and exploring their areas of interest.”

As a practising lawyer and Chief Executive Officer of Habitat for Humanity, Philip believes that philanthropy shouldn’t just happen at the end of someone’s life.

“There are opportunities to make a positive contribution and have real impact across causes you support during your lifetime.

“Our charitable fund has allowed us to make a positive impact to the lives of people in need, by providing them hope for today and in the future.”