Charitable fund account donor Matthew Etty-Leal remembers as a young child his mother, Barbara, regularly fundraising and volunteering for local charities. In 2003 Matthew established a charitable fund account with Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to continue the tradition of giving and named it the Barbara Leighton Charitable Fund.

This important and positive impact on Matthew’s life has led him to be a committed and generous donor supporting many overseas aid organisations and disability support charities since 1972.

“While studying commerce, I realised that Australia is a very fortunate and wealthy country with a well-established social welfare system. I decided that I would start supporting an overseas family knowing my regular donations would improve their quality of life and education.

“In 1972 I started sponsoring families in Indonesia, as my father was born in Surabaya, Java. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting my sponsored family who lived in Jogyakarta, Java, in 1977.”

Matthew has also been a Board member to various charities and worked in the not-for-profit sector for 25 years.

“I became aware, through working in charities, that many people world-wide experience very severe disabilities, meaning they are completely dependent and often have very low expectations.

“By working for Scope and as a longterm Board Member for Able Australia, I supported people with cerebral palsy and dual sensory impairment. I am very pleased that Dylan Alcott is our 2022 Australian of the Year.”

While working in the charitable sector, Matthew often noted that supporters would regretfully state that they were retiring and could no longer make donations. “This gave me an insight into the limitations that retirement might have on my giving. I resolved to set up a living bequest/ charitable fund that would enable the nominated charities to receive an annual distribution indefinitely into the future."

Matthew says that people interested in a more structured approach to their giving should seek a charitable fund that allows you to support, on an ongoing basis, the causes, or issues you have an interest in, involvement or passion.

Some of the benefits of being part of the Foundation’s community of donors is the opportunity to meet like-minded people.

"One of the things I like about the Foundation is the opportunity to read about and meet other people who have also established a charitable fund. There are many inspiring people in Melbourne who are selfless and very concerned in meeting the needs of people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged."

“I also appreciate that the Foundation has an expert advisory investment committee that ensures my charitable fund has grown over the years allowing larger annual distributions to my benefitting charities.”

The Foundation’s General Manager Fund Development Rikki Andrews says that planning your giving through a community foundation, such as Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, provides an effective and simple way for donors to organise their donations and provide a long-term source of income for their favourite causes.

“Our donors choose to set-up a charitable fund account for many reasons, and it is very common for donors to want to support their favourite causes and charities. for the long-term. Charitable fund accounts enable donors to do this and build their fund over time. They can also support their favourite charities alongside supporting the Foundation’s strategic grants program.”

A charitable fund account is managed by the Foundation on behalf of donors ensuring all regulatory compliance and governance is met.

“We make it as easy as possible for our donors so that they have a well-managed and thoughtful approach to their personal philanthropic goals.”

Learn more about establishing a charitable fund account or to discuss your giving options, please contact the Development Team.