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Changing Melbourne for Good

It is the things we do today, the decisions we make today, that have the greatest, long-lasting impact on tomorrow.

Change for Good

The things we do today have the greatest impact on tomorrow

Environment & Sustainability

Transitioning towards a low-carbon economy, building a sustainable food system and protecting water eco-systems

We are all dependent on the natural systems that support us. How we manage and protect these systems will determine their sustainability as well as our own.

Education & Employment

Supporting young and older people to access education and work

Education and employment is important at all stages of life, but especially for younger and older people.

Healthy & Resilient Communities

Cultivating diverse, inclusive, age-friendly and climate change resilient communities

Community plays an important role in our wellbeing, providing a sense of place, purpose and belonging.

& Affordable Housing

Increasing the supply of affordable housing and preventing homelessness through early intervention initiatives

Safe, stable, affordable housing can lead to better education and employment outcomes, as well as stronger social networks.

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Latest News

The 94th Annual Meeting of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation will be held on 26 October 2017 at 11.15am in the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s Boardroom, Level 15, 1 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is honoured to have been chosen by Mr Eldon Foote QC as the trustee of his charitable bequest.