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Changing Melbourne for Good

Supporting access to learning opportunities.

Education & Employment

Supporting young and older people to access education and work.

Your donation to the Education & Employment Impact Area ensures that we can continue to support initiatives like these:

Support our other Impact Areas

We also address critical issues facing our community across Environment & Sustainability; Healthy & Resilient Communities and Homelessness & Affordable Housing.

Stories of community impact:

Environment & Sustainability

Transitioning towards a low-carbon economy, building a sustainable food system and protecting water eco-systems.

Healthy & Resilient Communities

Supporting connected, inclusive and resilient communities.

& Affordable Housing

Increasing the supply of affordable housing and preventing homelessness through early intervention initiatives.

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As communities across Victoria began the long journey to recovery and rebuilding after the Black Summer bushfires in January, the healthcare and not-for-profit sectors also began to meet the challenges of the newly emerging COVID-19 pandemic.