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Over the past 34 years, Sheen Panel Service has raised more than $5 million in charitable funds, supporting kids & youth in less fortunate circumstances. 
Last year the Sheen Community Fund (SCF) raised $359,713. Our contributions were able to assist Variety – the Children’s Charity with their Petember and Christmas Unbox Joy Campaigns. Plus, we were major supporters of the Variety Toyota AFL Grand Final Lunch, where enough funds were raised to fund a Sunshine Coast for Skene Street Specialist School in Stawell. 
This year we have a committed Sheen Panel Service donation of $145,000, however, we need your help to get to our 2023 goal of $300,000

Our raised funds this year will support – 

The Good Friday Appeal – Royal Childrens Hospital 
We have committed to a $25,000 donation. These funds will go towards the upgrade of 15 electrosurgical units. On average, over 13,000 surgeries are undertaken at the RCH every year and these units are used in almost every surgery, and across multiple departments.  

Variety – the Children’s Charity 
Who help kids be kids with a wide range of support offered to sick & disadvantaged children. We will continue supporting Variety’s great work by further funding assistance dogs through there Petember Campaigns, providing much needed Christmas presents through their unbox Joy campaigns and supporting the Variety Toyota AFL Grand Final Lunch.

Friend in Me 
A charity committed to ensuring no child is left behind, promoting inclusive and accepting environments for all children. With 1 in 6 kids experiencing exclusions, Friend in Me aim to foster a commitment to young people that promote friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in the future. The SCF were major supporters of their Community Day, which was in April 2023, where we committed $50,000 and saw over 2,500 kids attend the all-inclusive event. 

As a Charitable Fund Account with Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, 10% of Sheen Community Fund's charitable distributions also supports the Foundation's Inclusive, Sustainable Economy & Jobs and Healthy & Climate Resilient Communities Impact Areas that create lasting change across Greater Melbourne.

As always, your generous donation is vital to the success of these charities and the impact of the Foundation’s work.

We greatly appreciate your support.

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