If Greater Melbourne were a group of 100 people, we would be:



Our Greater Melbourne Area

The Vital Signs report focuses on information and data for the ‘Greater Melbourne’ area. This area includes 31 Local Government Areas (LGAs) stretching from the Yarra Ranges to Wyndham and the Mornington Peninsula to Whittlesea. Where Greater Melbourne data is not available, we have used local government, state or national data.


Greater Melbourne is home to 4.73 million people. It is Australia’s second largest city, spread across 9,993 square kilometres.

By 2026, our population is expected to reach 5.59 million. With 34 per cent of its inhabitants born outside of Australia, Greater Melbourne is rich in cultural diversity.

Nearly 1.5 million people speak a language other than English when at home. 

Our population is ageing, with one in every four people aged 55 and older. 

By 2051, one in every three people will be 55 and older.5 With 453 people per square kilometre, Greater Melbourne has a moderately high population density similar to some larger US cities, but less than the world’s megacities London, Tokyo or New York.