Friday, 30 June 2023

This Impact Report presents the ways in which the Foundation's strategic grants program sought to impact the big issues facing the communities of Greater Melbourne.

COVID-19 was still with us during Financial Year 21/22, alongside communities beginning to work towards ‘recovery’.

Our initiatives, and our partnerships particularly, contributed to the ongoing management and recovery from COVID-19, including directly supporting projects focused on addressing the pandemic’s implications for communities.

We were also flexible, extending most reporting requirements, or enabling our partners to adapt and ‘pivot’ their approaches, and in FY 21/22, the Foundation continued its support of community recovery.

The Foundation continues its commitment to support the capacity of the charitable sector, especially through tough times like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate related disasters.

As a community foundation, we also galvanise giving through our donors and collaborative funding and we encourage legacy philanthropy through bequests.

As we look towards the Foundation’s centenary, we look forward to continuing our support for work that is seeking to address the big social and environmental challenges facing Melbourne.

Dr Catherine Brown OAM
Chief Executive Officer