Monday, 28 June 2021

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation recognises that we can hasten the transition to clean energy while rebuilding our pandemic battered economy.

In fact, we can do more than transition our own energy systems; Australia can position itself as a clean energy exporter of global significance, exporting clean energy to other countries around the world. Within our borders, we have some of the best clean energy resources globally and we have the skills, institutions and infrastructure to utilise them.

To help the country harness this opportunity, the Foundation is helping make the case to key decision makers’ and the broader community. A range of events, media, industry and policy engagement activities are highlighting the economic and employment opportunities associated with Australia’s decarbonisation, so that everyone can see that clean energy is an opportunity rather than a cost.

Our partners, WWF, Beyond Zero Emissions, Climate Council and the Smart Energy Council have already delivered enormous communications and policy outcomes.

Two Smart Energy Council summits were delivered in 2020, with government, industry and academic experts showing how to revitalise and decarbonise our economies at the same time. At least 10,000 delegates registered from around the world, social media was extensive and hundreds of television and newspaper pieces amplified key messages. A number of state governments have since made significant policy commitments to harness the clean energy export opportunity.  An enormous event is planned for later in 2021 which will be associated with the COP26 UN climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow.

Beyond Zero Emissions and Climate Council have both released detailed research and economic modelling to demonstrate the economic and employment benefits in a range of sectors and have worked closely with policy and industry stakeholders to begin working toward realising these.

WWF has recently launched the Renewable Superpower Scorecard, which presents a snapshot of how Australia’s states, territories and the federal government are performing in the race to become a renewable superpower. The highly publicised scorecard is creating a ‘race to the top’ and helping the general public understand that decarbonisation is an opportunity we don’t want to miss.

Whether it’s green hydrogen, green steel or any of the other clean energy export opportunities, now is the time to lock in a bright, clean future for the country.

Dan Pediaditis
Senior Program Manager, Environment & Sustainability