Innovation and Exploration


The Innovation Grants Program includes both Exploration and Innovation Grants, and is open to organisations who are working in one of the Foundation's four key Impact Areas.

Please note that in two of these Impact Areas the Foundation has a specific focus on two age groups: Youth (8-28 years) and Older Australians (55 years and older). When applying for a grant under the Education & Employment; or Healthy & Cohesive Communities Impact Areas, organisations must ensure that their project is working with one or both of these two groups. The Foundation also applies a gender lens and a cultural diversity lens in it is granting program. In addition to youth and older people, the Foundation also applies a gender lens in the Homelessness & Affordable Housing Impact Area.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants are an opportunity for leaders within the charitable sector to take a creative approach to tackling a social or environmental issue through:

  • Piloting or scaling up a new service model
  • Applying a new approach to improving service effectiveness and/or service quality
  • Increasing impact and/or service effectiveness through sharing space or back office support, or other forms of partnership or collaboration
  • Building an understanding of an emerging issue or area through applied research
Grants of up to $150,000 are available for between 1-2 years.

To be eligible to apply for an Innovation Grant, an organisation must be endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity (TCC).

Exploration Grants

The Foundation views Exploration Grants as an opportunity to develop innovative approaches. The Foundation also has an expectation that projects funded under the Exploration Grants Program may be considered for an Innovation Grant in future years.

Exploration Grants are provided for the following areas of support:
  • Project funding to test, demonstrate, trial or pilot a new concept or idea that will lead to a service improvement or an advance in a major community issue
  • Research funding to build understanding of an area or issue, inform program design or practice, inform policy development and philanthropic investment, identify good practice or inform community behaviour
  • Funding to support the initial development phase of a social enterprise
Grants of up to $50,000 are available for one year.

To be eligible to apply for an Exploration Grant, an organisation must be endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) as covered by Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, and as a Tax Concession Charity (TCC).


Before applying for an Exploration or Innovation Grant, please ensure you have read the Exploration or Innovation Grant Guidelines and our Helpful Hints for Grantseekers.

Innovation and Exploration Grants Application Dates

The 2017 Grant round opens in June, please check the website in May for further details.

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