Standard Conditions and Reporting

Grant Agreement

Successful applicants are required to sign a Grant Agreement which outlines the Foundation’s requirements. You can download a sample Grant Agreement for your reference.

Reports and Acquittals

Reports and financial acquittals are a standard requirement for all grants.

  • Progress and Final Report forms are emailed to grant recipients one month prior to the submission date
  • Satisfactory progress reports are required for all multi-year grants before subsequent instalments can be paid.
  • A final report on your project outcomes and expenditure is due within three months of project completion.

    We appreciate photographs of your project (via email, USB or CD) for possible inclusion on our website or annual report (please note that photographs that feature faces require permission from all individuals or their guardians).

    If you have any queries, please contact us or call us on 03 9633 0021.

Grant Amendments

You are required to contact the Foundation with any changes to your project, including key personnel, project scope, timeline, expected outcomes and outputs.

Communicating Outcomes

A key part of the Foundation’s work is the dissemination of the outcomes of its grants. This may be as a case study on our website or in one of our newsletters. If your application is chosen as a case study you are welcome to use it as a promotional tool. Grant partners are encouraged to use the Foundation’s logo on public documents relating to the project however they must not use the Foundation’s name or logo without the written permission of the Foundation’s Communications Manager.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Grantees are welcome to acknowledge our support. A .jpeg or .eps format of our logo is available on request. Please contact the Communications Team for a copy of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Style Guide and Brand Pack for further detail.