The key dates for Youth in Philanthropy 2022 (YiP22) program are outlined below:

Term 1
February and March

Tuesday 15 March

Deadline for school coordinators/teachers to submit YiP Committee Registration form.

Tuesday 15 March

YiP22 Forum - Online

YiP22 Forum is a special event for students, teachers, co-ordinators and coaches participating in YiP22 to learn about Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation, philanthropy and social issues of the day.

Friday 18 March

Deadline for YiP committees to submit Philanthropic Objective form

Early AprilDeadline for YiP Committees to select their Impact Area and three not-for-profit organisations and submit Charity Selection form (page will become active closer to the time).
From Monday 4 AprilNot-for-profit organisations are invited to apply via Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation Grants Portal.

Term 2
May to June


Contact details for the selected charities will be distributed to each YiP committee.

May to June

Individual coach workshops with committees prior to charity visits if needed/desired.

School charity visits conducted via telephone or video conferencing.

Progress meetings between coaches and YiP committees – if required.

Term 3
July to August

Friday 22 JulyDeadline for YiP committees to submit final Grant Recommendations form (page will become active closer to the time) and fundraising.
Thursday 28 JulyYiP22 Insights
AugustYiP Grant recommendations submitted to the Foundation's Board for approval.

Information about key dates

YiP22 Forum

Tuesday 15 March, 9:30am, Conversation Quarter, State Library of Victoria

Youth in Philanthropy committees, coordinators and coaches are invited to attend this special event.

The YiP22 Forum will provide committees with the opportunity to learn more about Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation’s four Impact Areas, ideas for fundraising and information about how to develop a philanthropic objective for the committees.

By the end of the Forum, the committees will be expected to have selected one of the Foundation’s Impact Areas to focus on and to have developed a philanthropic objective that aligns with their chosen Impact Area.

This will assist in streamlining the potential not-for-profit organisations that the committees will work with.

Charity Visits

The charity visits occur during Term 2 on a day that is mutually suitable for the charity, committee and coach.  Visits can now be conducted via telephone or video conferencing, or in person on-site.

Committees will be expected to contact and organise visits with not-for-profit organisations themselves, coordinating the visits with their coach.
Following the visits, the committee will meet to consider grant submissions and funding recommendations. Coaches may attend these meetings if required.

YiP22 Insights event

Thursday 28 July 2022

YiP22 Insights is an online event with a guest speaker and student speaker to conclude the YiP22 program.  All students will receive a certificate of participation.