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Professional Advisors

As Australia’s largest Community Foundation, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation recognises the value of partnerships and collaboration. With a team of sector experts from the not-for-profit sector, the Foundation offers Professional Advisors a suite of services in philanthropy that can complement an organisation’s advisory strategies.

The Foundation is able to provide philanthropic advice to assist planners in:

  • Tax deductible planned giving
  • Creating a legacy for the future, both for the client and their children
  • Building client satisfaction through access to an innovative range of granting programs
  • Demonstrating a strong knowledge of the charitable sector in Australia including individual charities.


The Foundation offers collaborative opportunities through our innovative grants programs that can be of enormous appeal to clients seeking to make a difference in the community.

We are able to provide speakers on the role of philanthropy as a transformational tool in building client engagement through direct impact on social issues.

We can assist in identifying and aligning a client’s values with their philanthropic vision.

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has the expertise, the legacy and broad experience in funding programs and initiatives that drive social change. We can provide one-to-one client servicing through to Boardroom lunches or conference presentations.

For further details

Please contact Philanthropic Services or phone (03) 9633 0033 for further details.