Swanson Society

The Swanson Society is an initiative that honours valued donors who have included the Foundation in their bequest wishes. The Society, which was launched by The Right Honourable Lord Mayor Robert Doyle in September 2015, provides opportunities to engage with the Foundation’s vision for positive social impact and explore how leaving a legacy will support future generations.

The Society is named in honour of Melbourne's Lord Mayor Sir John Swanson who, in addition to being a successful businessman and philanthropist, was a visionary thinker who established the Lord Mayor's Fund for Metropolitan Hospitals and Charities in 1923 – our present-day Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Simply by letting us know, confidentially, about your intentions to include the Foundation in your future arrangements, we can ensure that you become an honoured member of the Swanson Society. You will receive invitations to participate as a select group in conversations, presentations, lunches or dinners at the Foundation. It will be our way to thank you during your life for your future support.

If you would like to learn more about including the Foundation in your Will or joining the Swanson Society, please contact us online or via phone 03 9633 0033.