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Our Mission
Yarra City Council's Room to Create Funds I & II have been established with the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation with the aim of growing arts philanthropy in the City of Yarra.

Yarra City Council's Room to Create program aims to support eligible artists and arts organisations in the City of Yarra by fostering more affordable creative spaces. The Circle is part of the Room to Create program and aims to build on a legacy that will give to the arts in perpetuity and give directly to arts organisations that needs support in the short term.
Who we are
The Circle is 30 people who love the arts and want to make a difference in the Yarra community for the benefit of everyone.
What we do
The Circle directly supports 3 arts organisations over a 3 year period, enabling them to make changes and developments to keep them housed in Yarra. Along with this immediate impact, Circle members also contribute directly to the Room to Create Fund to benefit future groups.
Why we do it
 The City of Yarra is known as an engine room for the arts, with iconic live music venues, over 60 galleries and artist run spaces, dozens of formal and informal rehearsal spaces, many peak arts organisations, radio stations, film production houses, recording studios and more. Council recognises that over time the loss of artists and arts organisations from the municipality will greatly affect Yarra's identity as a home for the arts, bringing with it adverse social and economic impacts.

The Circle will provide short term and long term incentives for arts and cultural organisations to stay, hopefully enabling them to also become more economically viable.

"I joined the Circle because I don't want to be selling residential apartments where people should be creating and contributing. Let's not lose what makes Yarra so wonderful. I strongly encourage whoever is in a position to contribute to please do so."
Arch Staver – auctioneer and first Circle member.
How we do it
We are inviting 30 people who love the arts to make a contribution each year for 3 years to help 3 arts organisations and many others in the years to come. Each member of the Circle will be asked for an annual contribution of $1000; $500 will go to the charitable Room to Create Fund II to be granted to one of the selected arts organisations with charitable status, and $500 will be a tax deductible donation to the tax deductible Room to Create Fund I, a charitable fund account of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation. In each year $15,000 will benefit the sector immediately and $15,000 will build the fund.
How do I join?
To find out more and become a member of the Circle visit
For any questions please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (03) 9205 5045.

Room to Create is a charitable fund account of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.

As part of your annual contribution to the Circle you will be required to make two donations;

  • $500 to the Room to Create Fund (tax deductible)
    Contribution to build the Room to Create Fund I, a charitable fund account of Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation 
  • $500 to the Room to Create Fund - The Circle (non-tax deductible)
    Contribution to the charitable Room to Create Fund II; whereby funds will be granted to charitable arts organisations

In turn, you will receive two receipts for $500.

To make a donation please click here.