Charitable Fund Accounts

A 2 Z King Family Fund
A & D Richards Family Fund
A J Brock Family Fund
Adeline & Annie Webb Fund
Ageing Fund
Alice Meyer von Forell Fund

Allan Douglas (Doug) McPhee Fund
Anderson Fund
Andrew James Lancashire Memorial Fund
Angela Young Charitable Fund
Ann Rusden Fund
Anne White Fund
Anonymous Fund 1
Anonymous Fund 2
Anonymous Fund 5
Anonymous Fund 6
Artplay Fund
Arts and Heritage Fund
Association of Civilian Widows Victoria Fund
ASW Fund
Australian Universities Classical Scholarship Fund Giving Fund
Banyule Charitable Fund
Barbara Leighton Fund
Barry & Joan Medwin Family Fund
Berkovic-Fraenkel Fund
Bethany Wake Fund
Borchardt Fund
Boyce Family Fund
Brian & Ella Talbot Family Fund
Brimbank Community Charitable Fund
Brown Rochford Family Fund
Bruce Niven Fund
Buchan Family Fund
Bundilla Charitable Fund
Byrne Fund

Caine Foundation Fund
Caitlin Darbyshire Fund
Cameron Family Charitable Fund
Capodanno Fund
Casey Cardinia Foundation Fund
Caswell Charitable Fund
Caterpillar Fund
Chanelle's Heaven Cent Blessing Memorial Fund
Cheryl and David Baer Fund
Children's Protection Society Fund
Chips Charitable Fund
Chloe Alexandra Rutherford Fund
Chris Dalwood Scholarship Fund
Clara Sim Memorial Fund
Commercial Travellers' Association Charitable Fund
Connon Family Fund
Cusack Family Fund

D D & S L Johnston Fund
Daryl Leslie Zvi Rosenfield Memorial Fund
Daryl Manley Fund
David & Miriam Rich Family Fund
D & H Saltzman & Family Memorial Fund for Sheryl
Di Power Memorial Fund
Donald & Shirley Lugg Fund
Donald Hutchison Fund
Doos Family Fund
Dora & Trevor Nixon Fund
Dorothy Jean Ineke Fund
Dorn Family Fund
Dorothy E Jarvis Endowment Fund in memory of the late Stanley George Jarvis and Frank Filitoe
Dr Margaret Rose Garrett Fund
Duckie Charitable Fund
Duncan Family Fund

E Bennett Fund
Easden Family Fund
Education For All Fund
Eldon and Anne Foote Trust
Ellis W Waters Fund
Emanpea Fund
Emerson-Sullivan Fund
Environment Fund
Eric Burton Memorial Fund
Evan Spurway Fund

Falkinger Heritage Fund
Family, Friends and Furry Animals Memorial Fund
Forty Winks Charitable Fund
Frankston Charitable Fund
Freeman Family Fund
Friends of Caroline Chisholm Fund
Friends of Rumbalara Fund
Fund for Buddy
Fund for Rusty

Gary Singer and Geoffrey Smith Fund
Geoffrey & Pauline Green Fund
Gerald Friedlander Family Fund
GGS Fund
Giuliano Family Fund
Greater Dandenong Charitable Fund
Greg Blizzard Memorial Fund
Gringlas Family Fund
Guiding Light Fund

Harris Family Fund
Health Fund
Heath Cosgrove Charitable Fund
Heather Bradley Memorial Fund
Helen & Peter Devereux Fund
Henry & Margaret Grossbard Fund
Henry Bucks Fund
Hermits of El-Shaddai Charitable Fund
Homelessness Fund
Homestead Financial Group Fund
Hope Rutherford Reilly Fund
Hopkins Knight Family Fund
Hume Charitable Fund

Illingworth Family Fund
Indigenous Fund
In Memory of Servicemen and Women Who Did Not Return Fund
Israel Rosenfield Memorial Fund
Izaac Robison Family Fund

J F Thompson Charitable Fund
J & N E Brown Fund
James Cross Memorial Fund
Jan Slaney Fund
Jarrod Alexander Green Memorial Fund
Jenny and Jim Gardiner Fund
Jill Chapman Fund
John D and Dagnija Balmford Fund
Jones Family Fund
Joshua Bendel Fund
Judy (Gelb) Feiglin Memorial Fund
June and Peter Stringer Fund
June O'Brien Whitling Memorial Fund

Kasey-Anne Lymphoma Charitable Fund
Kathleen Farrow Fund
Kathy & George Deutsch Family Fund
Kaufman Family Charitable Fund
Keith and Alison May Williams Fund
Kevin and Jacqui Clancy Family Fund
Kingston Charitable Fund
Knight Family Fund
Kolganova and Foster Family Fund

L Semmens Fund
Lady Mayoress Committee Fund
Lawrence & Joan Cohn Fund
Left Hand Fund
Leighton Family Charitable Fund
Loftus-Hills Fund
Lord Mayor's Children's Fitness Fund
Lyn Grigg Family Fund 
Lyons Family Fund

M & B Jenkins Fund
M J Trewhella Fund
M Recht Accessories Fund
Mac.Roberston Girls High School Fund
Malcolm Grant Brown Fund
Manningham Charitable Fund
Margaret Mitchell Fund
Mark Kenneth Thorn Charitable Fund
Marshall Fund
Marshall-Roth Charity Fund
Masky Beacon Charitable Fund
Mavis, Lyndal & ADP Martin Charitable Fund
McLean Family Fund
Meg and Frank Sims Fund
Melbourne Women's Fund 2 - Endowment Fund
Melissa Ryan Princess Foundation Fund
Melvie Banks AM DSJ Fund
Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd Fund
Michael Martin Fund
Milledge Family Fund
Miller Family Fund
Miller Foundation Fund
Minyaka Fund
Moffatt Family Fund
Morrison Family Fund
Mornington Peninsula Community Charitable Fund
Motet Fund

Nancy & Ian Wood Fund
Nancy & Ian Wood (Gertrude & Jack Barker) Fund
Nancy & Ian Wood (Marjorie & Phillip Wood) Fund
Neil R Hambleton Fund
NJN Charitable Fund
Norm & Pat Draper Charitable Fund
North Bridge Fund

O'Bryan Family Charitable Fund
Oldfield Family Fund
Olga Edith Lowe Memorial Fund
Oliver Charitable Fund 
One Life Sports Foundation Fund
Onemda Fund
OPA! Charitable Fund
Oxford Houses Fund

Pam Baker Fund
Patricia Cosh Fund
Patricia Farrant Fund
Paul & Ruth Permezel Fund
Payne Family Fund
Pepin Family Fund
Peter & Karen Anderson Family Fund
Possibility Australia Fund
Priestly Family Fund
PRL Charitable Fund

R C & E M Bennett Fund
Rayment Family Fund
Red Bird Moments Charitable Fund
Renshaw Fund
Richard and Gwenyth Higgs Fund
Ritchies Stores Pty Ltd Emergency Relief Fund
Robert Croft Fund
Rory McCaffrey Reconciliation Fund
Rotary Emergency Relief Fund
RSL Fund

Sally Graham Memorial Fund
SB08 Conference Scholarship Fund
Sawers and Sherman (K.I.A. 1916) Memorial Fund
Senator Tadeusz Kobylanski Fund
Senza Nome Charitable Fund
Shirley Day Fund
Shirley K B and David A Secomb Fund
Simon Buckley Memorial Fund
SJD Charitable Fund
Slome-Topol Family Charitable Fund
Smyth Family Fund
Society to Assist Persons of Education Fund
Strathdon Community Perpetual Fund
Supporting Angels Charitable Fund
Sweet Princess Charitable Fund
Swinburne Philanthropy Alumni (SPA) Fund

Tan Family Fund
Tattersall's Holdings Pty Ltd Fund
Tenzing Fund
The Antaeus Charitable Fund
The John and Margaret (JOB & MOB) O'Brien Fund
The Red Bowl Fund
Tom & Ruth O'Dea Fund
Tom & Zillah Diamond Fund
Tozer Family Fund

Victor & Shell Sykes Family Fund
Vulcan Family Fund

W H Overall Fund
Walmsley Family Fund
Warburton Family Fund
Warin Chiewvej & William Holder Charitable Fund
Weber Jenkin Family Fund
Wendy Hurse Fund
Weston Street United - Masonic Fund
Wexler Family Fund
Wheelton Family Charitable Fund
White Fang Fund
Wilbow Group Fund
Wilfred & Joan Minson Fund
William Angliss Emergency Aid Fund
William A Lyon Fund
Women's Fund
Wootton Family Fund
Wyndham Charitable Fund

Yarra City Council Room to Create 1
Yarra City Council Room to Create 2
Youth Advisory Committee Fund
Youth Fund

Zdraveski Charitable Fund 1
Zdraveski Charitable Fund 2
Zdraveski Charitable Fund 3

These are all charitable fund accounts under the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.