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Melbourne Women's Fund

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Melbourne Women’s Fund (MWF) engages people in the power of collective giving to support vulnerable women and families in Melbourne.

Members are encouraged to participate in philanthropy by learning about the needs of these individuals and the bold not-for-profits dedicated to supporting them, participating in MWF’s management and engaging in our annual collective grant making. Members are energised by a spirit of collaboration and excited about really making a difference with their giving.

To learn more about Melbourne Women’s Fund and the benefits of membership, visit melbournewomensfund.org.


MWF has three membership types: Standard, Next Gen (18-30 years old) and Life. A Standard or Next Gen membership is for a minimum of one year. However, we encourage members to be part of MWF’s giving circle for a minimum of three years to have the full opportunity to engage, learn and experience the benefits of being a member of a vibrant community of individuals committed to positive social change.

Standard and Next Gen annual and three-year members can vote for the Signature and Nurturing Grants every financial year, provided their annual donation and the administration fee have been paid in full by 30 June. 

Life members are always able to vote for both grants and are not required to pay administration fees. A Life member’s donation of $25,000 or more is held in an endowment fund, called Melbourne Women’s Fund 2 (Charitable Fund Account), with Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation. Endowment fund revenue helps support MWF's granting pool and ensure MWF’s support of vulnerable women and families in Melbourne in perpetuity.

Memberships can be started anytime throughout the year. 

Monthly payment options can also be arranged by contacting our Donor Services Coordinator, Lonia Catalano, on 03 9633 0033 or submitting an online enquiry.


Membership TypeDonation
Administration Fee 
(not tax-deductible) 

This provides membership, supports annual Melbourne Women’s Fund activities and provides the necessary resources to operate efficiently and effectively.
One-year Next Gen (People 18 - 30 years)$500$65

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Looking for other opportunities to support Melbourne Women's Fund?

Donations to MWF’s Endowment Fund are open to all, not just members.

The aim of the endowment fund is to build a corpus over time, so that interest earned (income) can be distributed as grants to support the mission of the Melbourne Women’s Fund.

By making donations to the endowment fund, donors can contribute to the vision of the Melbourne Women’s Fund in perpetuity.

Giving Circles

Join like-minded donors and create greater social impact through collective giving