Indrani and Graeme established a Charitable Fund Account in memory of their daughter Dr. Tasha Port who died from depression in 2020. Tasha was a qualified doctor who was described as caring and compassionate and dedicated to her family and work.

Indrani remembers her daughter as a beautiful, courageous and compassionate woman, whose huge smile and laughter started as a child, a special gift she shared with her close-knit family.

“Despite the tremendous workload as a doctor, Tasha was dedicated to her family and her loved ones. She made regular visits to family overseas, and spent Easter holidays in Bright and family Christmases in Melbourne. These times brought us all deep joy, especially to Tasha and those lucky enough to spend time with her.”

Tasha loved to travel and practiced at 10 different hospitals across Australia, Malaysia, and Brunei. She also loved her Sri Lankan heritage, and thoroughly enjoyed wearing her saree at weddings and celebrations.

Following Tasha’s death, Indrani and Graeme knew they needed to do something to celebrate and honour Tasha’s life.

“We believe that through action, we can make a difference. We got involved with fundraisers for Beyond Blue, which brought together our community of family, friends and colleagues to share in Tasha’s memory. We were also looking for a means of creating a legacy that reflected Tasha,” says Indrani.

Through Compassionate Friends Victoria, a peer support organisation for grieving parents and siblings, Indrani found Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, and established the ‘Travelling with Tash Fund’ Charitable Fund Account.

‘Travelling with Tash Fund’ not only honours the memory of Tasha but was established on what would have been her 30th birthday.

Distributions from Tasha’s fund will be allocated to the Foundation’s Homelessness and Affordable Housing Impact Area. “We understand that mental illness and homelessness can be interconnected and we believe that having a home provides a safe space for living, sharing, and building a future.

“My husband and I have worked in Melbourne’s CBD for many years, and we have seen rough sleepers along Swanston Street, and elsewhere. It is impossible for us to put ourselves in their shoes, having had a home to share with loved ones through our whole lives. We can only hope the programs targeting homelessness can make a difference.”

Indrani and Graeme have also set-up a ‘Travelling with Tash’ scholarship at the University of Melbourne’s medical faculty.

“We would like to support the coming generations of doctors to carry on Tasha’s dreams. While they make a difference to patients’ lives, we ask too, that they work towards systemic change in hospitals for the betterment of mental health for doctors and healthcare staff.

“We would have helped Tasha through her life, and without her here, all we can do is honour her through charitable acts that provide remembrance, joy and peace. This is our tribute to Tasha.”