Loftus-Hills Fund

At a glance

Lois included her Charitable Fund Account in her Will and generously provided an additional gift from her Estate.

The Loftus-Hills Fund continues to provide support in perpetuity to the charities and causes Lois cared about.

These include Australian Conservation Foundation, Environment Victoria, The Wilderness Society and Trust for Nature.

Lower Plenty activist Lois Loftus-Hills was committed to supporting her local community. Through the Loftus-Hills Fund, her legacy continues to provide vital funding to the causes she was passionate about.

Lois Loftus-Hills was an active member of the local community, being involved in many community groups such as People for Environment Protection and the Eltham Gateway Action Group. Alongside her late husband Geoffrey, she established the Lower Plenty Neighbourhood House, providing community support and services to the local area.

Lois spent her early career working in dietetics after receiving a scholarship to The University of Melbourne, and had a passion for the nutritious food and conservation.

Lois established a Charitable Fund Account with Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund in 2002 to support the causes and charities she was passionate about. Lois was an active member of the Foundation’s donor community, attending several functions and events at the Melbourne Town Hall.

The range of charities she supported reflected her diverse interests and a strong commitment to the environment. By setting up the Fund during her lifetime, Lois was able to see the impact of her giving first-hand and the vital support this provided to numerous charities.