Supporting the community was an important decision for retired couple Henry and Margaret Grossbard that they have arranged to provide a gift in their Will to Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

“Our own fortunate circumstances have given us a deep sense of appreciation for life. We felt we could give back to the community in a very practical way.

We’d been considering several options in leaving a legacy. We explored setting up a scholarship fund and supporting a farm that children with chronic illness could visit. We soon began to realise that our dreams would take a lot of resources and time.

We first became aware of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation when reading an article in the newspaper. The more we learnt about leaving a legacy to the Foundation, the more we felt aligned with their cause and values as a community foundation.

The reason we have chosen to nominate the Foundation, as opposed to several individual charities, is the assurance that our legacy will be handled with absolute confidence and transparency when distributed to the community.

We are regularly informed about the direction of the Foundation and enjoy the opportunity to meet like-minded philanthropic individuals at various functions we attend.”