Retired businessman and financial adviser Geoffrey Green OAM RFD ED and his wife Pauline have been supporting Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation as donors and committee members for over 30 years.

After accepting an invitation to join the Foundation’s Hospital and Charities Sunday Appeal Committee in 1987, Geoffrey was elected to the Board in 1990.

“As a Board member I continued to serve on the Hospital and Charities Committee as it was the main fundraising appeal for the Foundation and very important at the time.”

Pauline believes that a society is only as strong and healthy as its least able member.

“When Geoffrey became involved with the Hospital and Charities Appeal Committee we had the opportunity to share direct action philanthropy making significant impact upon people’s lives.”

From 2001 to 2004 Geoffrey says he was honoured to serve as Chair of the Foundation’s Board, finally retiring from the Board in 2006.

“It was during these years that the Foundation was fortunate to receive the generous endowments from Eldon Foote QC. His initial donations and subsequent bequest were pivotal in escalating the Foundation to the substantial corpus that it enjoys today.”

Supporting charitable causes has always been an important part of the Geoffrey and Pauline Green’s life.

“From the earliest years of our marriage, Pauline and I have always supported charitable causes. We regard it as a natural duty to share our good fortune with others. After 62 years of marriage we still adhere to this belief.” – Geoffrey Green OAM RFD ED

Geoffrey and Pauline extended their generous support of the Foundation by establishing the Geoffrey and Pauline Green Fund in 2001 and continue to add to it each year.

“Each year we are able to support important causes and organisations that are important to us through our charitable fund which will grow and continue our contribution to the community in the years to come.”

Pauline says that over the four decades supporting the Foundation they have both witnessed and supported the changing and growing needs of Melbourne.

“With the growth in demand for services and assistance, the work of the Foundation is more important than ever before, and we are very pleased to be part of the Foundation’s work.”

These days the Geoffrey and Pauline are sharing the best of life with their three sons and five grandchildren.

“Our continuing association with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is a matter of some pride and satisfaction,” added Geoffrey.