Elzbieta Kobylanska came to Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation because she wanted an enduring memory of her father, Senator Tadeusz Kobylanski.

Elzbieta wanted this memory to demonstrate the love, commitment and compassion he displayed so courageously over his lifetime in Poland to his family and fellow citizens.

Senator Tadeusz Kobylanski was a mechanical engineer who was involved in the underground movement to protect Warsaw in World War II.

Senator Kobylanski was imprisoned in concentration camps but survived the war. He later lived abroad before finally returning to Poland in 1957 where he pursued academic life as an Engineer until his death in 1970.

Elzbieta, a science graduate who worked in health services, established a Charitable Fund Account in memory of her father and made a bequest to the Foundation so that organisations such Alfred Health, Mackillop Family Services and Worawa Aboriginal College could continue the ethos of caring for the disadvantaged that was such a strong family tradition.

Sadly Elzbieta passed away in 2014. Through her generous bequest, the Foundation is able ensure Senator Tadeusz Kobylanski and Elzbieta will be forever remembered in their perpetual support of essential services that care for people experiencing disadvantage.