Anthony Dalleore Educational Fund

Anthony, or Tony, as he’s affectionately known, started his career with a chemistry degree and “in a quandary as to how to maximise my educational achievements”.

Highly introverted, Tony could have stayed in the comfort zone of the science lab, but his desire to grow and give back pushed him to embark on a diverse career path that would stretch him personally and professionally.

“I soon realised that the only way forward for me was to broaden my experiences. To do this I had to remain highly motivated and be willing to explore different avenues.”

Tony was introduced to the concept of charitable funds 15 years ago and has been actively giving every year since. Working with donors in his industry, he has supported programs that enable apprentices in his printing industry to gain overseas experience and bring it back to Australia.

Charitable Fundholder Anthony Dalleore.

Seeing the benefits to both the individuals and community, Tony’s desire to set up his own fund was sparked. Through discussions with his long-trusted financial planner and friend Shane Nicholas, Tony was introduced to Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and the concept of a Charitable Fund Account. The Anthony Dalleore Educational Fund was established in late 2021.

The Anthony Dalleore Educational Fund aims to help those with a passion for making a difference and who want to expand their knowledge base become leaders and changemakers who think outside the box.

In addition to these benefits, establishing a Charitable Fund Account as part of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation means being part of a community of values-driven individuals. For Tony this is invigorating and feeds his ongoing passion for learning and communitybased action.

When getting to the heart of why this Charitable Fund Account means so much to him, Tony says, “I meet so many people that say they wish they could have explored further study or different opportunities in their careers.

What held them back was limited resources and knowledge of how to maximise their career paths.

"I hope my Charitable Fund Account will be the ‘spark’ for those willing to take the risk to follow their passions and explore different opportunities."

“I want to help people navigate the maze of their career and through this make a strong contribution to individuals and the community.”