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Caring for our Community


Together, we can create the Melbourne we want for the future.

As the community foundation for Greater Melbourne, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is uniquely placed to support Melbourne’s changing and immediate needs.

We understand our shared big challenges such as the need to increase the supply of affordable housing, encourage jobs in the caring, clean technology and construction sectors, build the resilience of communities to heatwaves and other disasters, and maximise our opportunities from our climate transition.

We take a systems change approach to the big issues, working in collaboration with organisations from across sectors, to test new ideas and scale-up solutions.  We know that through collaborations and networks within the charitable sector, our work is better informed and strategic.

As the demands on the for-purpose sector continues to grow, it is critical that we have a strong charitable sector, to protect and support our communities in future crises.

Your donations will support the Foundation to continue addressing the big community challenges of the day, responding to economic inclusion, community resilience, homelessness, and climate change.

Your support ensures we can continue this vital work across the areas of highest need.

Together, we can create the Melbourne we want for the future.

Caring for Carers


Acknowledging our frontline healthcare workers by providing practical and scalable mental health solutions.

In the midst of the pandemic, the Foundation responded to new and increasing demands, one of which was the increased mental health impact on our frontline workers.

We provided funding to Professor Karen Willis and Associate Professor Natasha Smallwood to undertake vital research of the impacts of COVID-19 on over 9000 frontline health care workers, from intensive care doctors and aged care nurses to hospital cleaners, and from large metropolitan hospitals to rural primary care practices.

The results were sobering with over 60% reporting anxiety and burnout, and many noting a desire to leave the workforce. Mental health problems matter not just for frontline workers themselves, but impact quality of care, patient safety, workforce retention and engagement. A healthy workforce is the foundation of our health system. 

We are seeking support from our community to join us in acknowledging our frontline healthcare workers and by providing for the next step of this project; designing and implementing practical and scalable mental health solutions.

This is a crucial step in building the resilience of our healthcare system and preparing for future crisis.

Your donations will directly support the development of responsive and sustainable solutions to address mental health impacts on frontline healthcare workers. Workers will be involved in the design of these solutions to ensure they are both practical and impactful.

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