New Solutions in
Housing for
Older Women

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According to the Productivity Commission’s report Deep and Persistent Disadvantage there are now more 500,000 older women over the age 65 living in poverty. In response, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is working to find new solutions to assist older women.

Funding provided to Per Capita, an organisation supporting women, will launch a research project that will investigate the suitability of a co-housing model for residential aged care currently being used in Europe and the United Kingdom.

This proposed co-design initiative will see Per Capita’s Centre for Applied Policy on Positive Ageing (CAPPA) working with older women experiencing poverty and housing stress. Increasing privatisation of residential aged-care, as well as the diminishing availability of appropriate affordable options in the private rental market, has resulted in this vulnerable group of women being forced out of their communities and away from family and networks.

Per Capita aims to co-design a new co-housing model that supports older women that incorporates secure housing tenure, age friendly housing design, in-home support for aged care, social connection, and community.