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HomeGround Real Estate was established in Melbourne in 2013 as a not-for-profit agency providing property management to landlords seeking a professional service with a social purpose.

The social enterprise is now operated by Launch Housing where it reinvests its profits into core services that support people who are experiencing homelessness.

Landlords like Stephen, who made the switch to HomeGround from another real estate agency, are delighted to find an agency that both provides high quality services and makes a social impact.

“I have a very positive feeling about the fact that in this small way I’m doing something constructive to help tackle the problem of homelessness in Melbourne,” said Stephen.

In addition to property management, HomeGround Real Estate also addresses the issue of rental affordability, providing landlords, like Peter and Trinh, with the further option of offering their properties at below-market rent for people on low and very-low incomes.

“Placing our rental property with HomeGround has been a wonderful experience. We have a small unit that has been renting for $220 per week but decided we could afford to reduce the rent and provide it to HomeGround and help the community. We receive around $2,500 per annum less in rent but much, much more in feeling good about helping others in need,” said Peter and Trinh who decided to reduce the rent on their seaside property to help a young family access secure and affordable housing.

“Our unit is near the beach and amongt plenty of kids so we decided providing the unit to a single mother trying a fresh start for her and her child was the best fit. Every child deserves an opportunity to play and be happy in a safe and stable environment. Together with HomeGround we are helping to provide this.

“Our experience has been so rewarding we have decided to provide another unit and look forward to the day that we can provide more and charge even less.”

In addition to its Melbourne office, HomeGround Real Estate is now also increasing the supply of affordable rental accommodation in Sydney and Canberra.