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Affordable Housing Challenge

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2020 Affordable Housing Challenge

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Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Initiative

The Affordable Housing Challenge is an Initiative of Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation that encourages cross-sector collaboration in response to Greater Melbourne’s homelessness and affordable housing issues.

In 2017, the Foundation applied site selection criteria to identify the best located site for the Challenge and sought local government land partners who could make suitable land available at no cost (by title transfer or 50-year lease).

The City of Darebin has partnered with the Foundation, providing a council-owned car park close to amenities.  Council is currently undertaking a tenure process. 

A Foundation grant and impact investment opportunities are being offered alongside the Council process. 

The Foundation has committed to provide a $1 million grant and an impact investment opportunity of up to $2 million through Social Enterprise Australia (SEFA) to build an affordable housing complex with over 40 units.

It is anticipated that the Affordable Housing Challenge will inspire innovative, energy efficient solutions to help meet the affordable housing needs of our community and that the successful project will be replicable, scalable and provide learnings for future initiatives.