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Supporting Social Cohesion through Dance

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Supporting Social Cohesion through Dance
L2R Next Gen
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Exploration Grant

Participating in community arts strengthens social cohesion and celebrates community diversity. L2R, an arts and culture not-for-profit located in Melbourne’s western suburbs, is breaking down cultural barriers and promoting cultural awareness through weekly dance classes for children and young people.

L2R’s programs provide a supportive environment that develops wellbeing and confidence, and promotes friendship and belonging through dance for students who usually wouldn’t have the chance to attend hip hop classes.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is funding L2R’s new The Pathways Project which will focus on long-term L2R participants who have been identified as emerging artists and who are keen to pursue arts or community development as a career option.

L2R are also researching new ways to enhance the services and programs they offer to disadvantaged and marginalised young people. They currently deliver 200 free dance workshops a year through five programs and funding will assist in the development of a teaching committee overseen by a lead teaching artist. This committee will support the development of artists that have graduated through L2R’s programs to become lead teachers and help expand their programs.