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Gather My Crew
Gather My Crew Limited
Grant Type
Proactive Grant

The tragic Bourke Street Incident in 2017 had a damaging effect on the wellbeing and sense of security for our Melbourne community. As a result of this tragic event, in which seven people died and many others injured, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has provided funding to a new organisation Gather My Crew to tackle the consequences of a traumatic experience.

Founded by Dr Susan Palmer, a psychologist, Gather My Crew was developed to help people in times of trauma and crisis.  It is an innovative, web-based program to build supportive communities around individuals and families experiencing disaster and crisis to receive practical help and support when they need it.  Funding from the Foundation will support Gather My Crew to develop and expand its services through the appointment of a multi-skilled team.

Developed by highly experienced trauma professionals, the simple online tool assists by developing a support ‘crew’ of family and friends for people experiencing crisis or trauma. People in need are able to login to the online tool and ask their community directly for the practical help they need to get through tough times.

Gather My Crew coordinates the help requests and offers of help in an interactive and easy to use calendar.  Help is very practical and can consist of everyday activities such school drop-off and pick-ups, household cleaning, meals and assistance with medical appointments.

By receiving the right help at the right time, individuals and families, can minimise the effects of a traumatic event and begin a supported recovery.


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