Caring for PeopleAgeing in Poverty

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Caring for People Ageing in Poverty
Sacred Heart Mission
Grant Type
Exploration Grant

Hundreds of people who are homeless and living in poverty are cared for by Sacred Heart Mission every day in Melbourne. Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has provided a grant to Sacred Heart Mission to ensure that older people who are socially isolated and living in poverty are cared for and monitored during the transition to the new Consumer Directed Care system for aged home care.

Research undertaken by Sacred Heart Mission revealed that many of the most disadvantaged, socially isolated older people in our community are unable to recognise their own health care needs or seek help without the support of another person. They have often experienced mental health issues, chronic disease, trauma and poverty during their lives.

The funding will help Sacred Heart Mission to ensure that older people living in community housing are supported during the transition to Consumer Directed Care. It will also ensure that older people who are eligible for home care services are receiving the health and care services they need and are entitled to receive.

Sacred Heart Mission will activate their existing strong networks with other agencies and use their own outreach home care service for older people in community housing, to provide intensive support so that people are not left isolated or vulnerable.