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Understanding climate change

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Victorian TV Weather Presenters as Climate Communicators
Monash University’s Climate Change Communication Research Hub
Grant Type
Exploration Grant

Monash University’s Climate Change Communication Research Hub has developed an innovative new approach for climate change education.

Inspired by Climate Central's program in the US, the Research Hub will partner with weather presenters to deliver easy-to-visualise infographics and stories about climate science to television audiences.

“Australians are keen to learn about climate change, what it is, what it means and how it affects daily life,” says Dr David Holmes, Director of the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub.

“This information will help us understand the effects and risks that climate change brings to us personally and collectively as a community. With accurate information it will enable us to make effective and informed decisions about how to best manage climate change and its impact.”

In the US, the weather presenter program started in 2008 with just one presenter and has grown to 400 weather presenters providing news on climate change in daily weather segments.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has provided a grant of $49,524 to support this pilot project.

As part of the pilot project, accurate and fact-based local climate change information will be provided to weather presenters, to be included in weather segments and editorials to increase the public's general knowledge about climate change.

“We will all benefit from being better informed,” says the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Catherine Brown. “Understanding why we are experiencing more extreme and unseasonal weather, rising sea levels and global warming will have long term benefits on how we plan for and mitigate the effects of climate change. There are opportunities for Melbourne’s communities if we can transition well to a low carbon city.”

It is hoped that in the long-term the project will result in a more informed community which will lead to better decisions about clean energy generation, using renewable energy sources and increased protective health programs.

June 2019 Update

The Climate Change Communication Research Hub has now partnered with Leader Community News to launch a new column Changing Climates which feature informative, fact-based infographics about local climate change.

Changing Climates will be incorporated in 23 local newspapers throughout metropolitan Melbourne. Information for the column includes local climate data gathered from nine weather stations across the city. This will ensure that each of Leader’s 1.5 million weekly readers will receive climate information relevant to their local area.

The Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Catherine Brown said, “This partnership builds on the Foundation’s long-term partnership with Leader Community News which began in 2011 with the Feed Melbourne campaign. We are now working with Leader and Monash University on climate change education.”


Our 2018 Changing Melbourne for Good campaign ambassador, Rob Gell AM is a member of Monash University’s Climate Change Communication Research Hub’s Weather Presenters Project Advisory Board. In this role, Rob speaks to his depth of experience as a weather presenter for Channel's 7, 9 and 10 in Melbourne to assist with the development of a television climate communication program.

Impact Stories

“It’s so encouraging to see the work the Foundation is doing to help the community understand the climate challenge.”

Changing Melbourne for Good
Campaign Ambassador, Rob Gell AM

“It’s so encouraging to see the work the Foundation is doing to help the community understand the climate challenge.”

Changing Melbourne for Good
Campaign Ambassador, Rob Gell AM


Changing Melbourne for Good