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Open Productive Gardens Melbourne
3000acres Grow Ltd
Grant Type
Seed Innovation Grant

A recent grant to 3000acres Grow and a new partnership with Open Gardens Victoria will see backyard farmers open their gates to visitors as part of an Open Productive Gardens learning project.

3000acres Grow is a not-for-profit organisation that works with community members, local councils and communities to develop urban agriculture in backyards, community gardens and community growing spaces to support local food production.

They also run community harvest festivals and workshops on topics such as growing vegetables and fruit in backyards, urban beekeeping and preserving backyard harvests.

Morgan Koegel, General Manager of 3000acres Grow said that there are exceptional gardens that will be opened to the public to inspire and educate.

“Visitors will see how any garden can become a successful productive gardening space: big or small, owned or rented, long-term gardener or newcomer, there will be something for everyone to learn and share their food growing knowledge.

“We hope that participants learn new skills in food production in an urban, residential setting and then put their new knowledge and skills into practice with increased food production in their own backyards.”

Some of the workshops and gardens will be filmed and published online for those people who are not able to attend in person.

This project is part of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting a sustainable food system for Melbourne.

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