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Creative Industry Training for Youth

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Training in Creative Industries for Young People
YouthWorx | Skydesign
Grant Type
Exploration Grant

Two of Melbourne’s best known social enterprises YouthWorx and skydesign will partner to deliver a Certificate II in Printing and Graphic Arts into the YouthWorx Media training program. This will increase education opportunities for highly marginalised and homeless young people and extend the social impact that both social enterprises are well-known for.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has been a long-term supporter of social enterprises especially working to increase access for young and older people in training and employment. The Foundation’s grant will enable the expansion of creative and commercial media training for young people through integrated training, work experience and ‘real-world’ work environment in creative industries.

With the growth in demand for content and digital marketing, there is opportunity for young people to gain relevant skills within the YouthWorx/skydesign initiative before transitioning into mainstream employment or self-employment.