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Community Bike Hubs

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Creating youth employment opportunities in Melbourne

Creating youth employment opportunities in Melbourne

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Community Bike Hubs - A Social Franchise Model
Good Cycles Limited
Grant Type
Innovation Grant

Funding from the Foundation helped Good Cycles launch their Community Bike Hubs - a social franchise of bicycle repair workshops offering employment opportunities to at-risk youth.

In 2014, the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation made a grant to Good Cycles, an organisation that offers training and job opportunities in bicycle mechanics to at-risk youth. The purpose of this grant was to increase the financial capacity and stability of Good Cycle’s social enterprise.

One year on, Good Cycles has reported a 100 per cent increase in their commercial and philanthropic revenue thanks to the Foundation’s grant. By diversifying their income streams and increasing
their financial mobility, Good Cycles were able to expand their current programs and develop Fixing the Cycle, a new education program now operating in four Victorian schools.

The grant has also enabled Good Cycles to employ four young people facing disadvantage as trainee bike mechanics and appointed another young person to their administration team.

The Foundation is pleased to announce that an additional grant of $62,500 was approved in October 2015 for Good Cycles to develop their Community Bike Hubs, an innovative social franchise
of bicycle repair workshops. Good Cycles Community Bike Hubs will be small, relocatable bike shops owned and managed by marginalised young people.

Community Bike Hubs tackle the serious issue of youth unemployment by providing young men and women with sought-after technical skills in a growing industry, as well as building their confidence, leadership and communication skills.

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