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Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation recognises that access to education and employment is important at all stages of life, particularly for younger and older people.

Australia has both an ageing population, with some older people wanting to remain in employment, and younger people eager to complete their education, access training and employment to begin their working lives.
We want to create a future where both young people and older people can participate in diverse education opportunities, where they can gain relevant skills and experience that enables them to participate in the workforce.
We want to see flourishing employment networks and opportunities that support people to develop skills and follow meaningful career paths, as well as help identify emerging approaches to workforce participation that better meet the needs of people seeking work.



Supporting young & older people to access education

Young (12 - 25 years) and older people (55 years or more) experiencing disadvantage are able to participate in mainstream or alternative education that improves their learning outcomes, in particular during transition points.


1.1 Support participation in learning opportunities that improve educational outcomes.



Supporting young & older people to access work

Young (12 - 25 years) and older members of the community (55 years or more) experiencing disadvantage are able to develop the skills, experience and networks necessary to access work, and access to employment is increased through improved structural approaches to workforce participation.


2.1 Increase vocational skill development and work readiness

2.2 Support the development of employment and career networks.  

2.3 Support the development of alternative approaches to workforce participation and access.


Does your organisation's work align with these priorities?

Learn about our Education & Employment Innovation Grants and speak to our Program Manager:






Tomorrow Today Education Foundation Ltd




Cool Australia Limited


Learning And Life Centre (The Huddle) Ltd


Paynesville Neighbourhood Centre


Per Capita Australia Limited


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Key Stats


of young people in Greater Melbourne, aged 15-24 are unemployed


of young people in Greater Melbourne, aged 19, attained Year 12 or equivalent in 2014 - an increase of 7% from 2009


of people in Greater Melbourne, aged 55-64 years participate in the workforce

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