Monday, 16 October 2017

A report card on the health and wellbeing of Melbourne has been launched by Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 was today launched by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC at the State Library of Victoria.

The report provides a snapshot of the health, wellbeing and vitality of Greater Melbourne, and identifies the positive aspects of our city as well as the issues we face as a growing population.

The Foundation’s chief executive officer Catherine Brown said research reports like Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 were important to promote discussion on key issues effecting Melbourne.

“Melbourne is vibrant and culturally diverse, and Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 has taken the pulse of our city.

“As Melburnians, we have great things to celebrate such as our city’s sport and arts culture, education, healthcare and stability, however we need to keep working on key issues such as reducing homelessness, discrimination, increasing employment opportunities for young people and ensuring we work on creating sustainable food systems.”

Data for the report has been collected from Australian Bureau of Statistic’s 2016 Census, Victorian Population Health Survey 2015, Federal and State government department research reports, Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and others.

Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 report has been designed around general population information about the greater Melbourne community and presented in an easy to read format with references.

“It features up to date data that provides information on key issues. At the Foundation, we have used this information to inform our grant making decisions, to ensure that we are providing grants to address key community issues.

“We hope Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 will be used by charitable and not-for-profit organisations, policy advisors, local communities and other philanthropic foundations.

“Many of these challenges we face can be reduced if we take a proactive approach as a community, especially collaborating across sectors,” added Catherine.

View the Greater Melbourne Vital Signs 2017 microsite and download the report.