Friday, 5 November 2021

In the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation was the first Australian philanthropic organisation to become a signatory to the International Philanthropy Commitment on Climate Change.

The Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Catherine Brown OAM, said, “Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting the race to zero and the race to resilience.”

Following Dr Brown’s participation in the Climate Funders Initiative alongside COP21, and hosted by the European Climate Foundation and Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Foundation placed a climate lens across all our work, particularly related to reducing carbon emissions in energy, sustainable food, and energy efficient and climate safe affordable housing. The Foundation have also worked on increasing community resilience to the health impacts of climate change, including heatwaves and disasters, and supported fact-based climate education. Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation is committed to a just transition, supporting the economic and employment opportunities associated with Australia’s decarbonisation.
The Foundation is well-connected to both Australian and International environmental networks. “We have learned and shared with our philanthropic colleagues at the F20 Platform and look forward to working with WINGS, AVPN and Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network, on addressing climate change.”
“Climate change will affect everything that we are working on, from protecting our food system to energy efficient affordable housing and much more. There are exciting economic opportunities in the transition to a zero-carbon world, but we must bring everyone along, paying special attention to those who are already experiencing disadvantage. A more sustainable and inclusive future lies ahead and philanthropy must be part of creating this.
“We look forward to working with other foundations around the world on a just transition.”