Friday, 28 April 2023

At a glance

Pictured in the header image (left to right):

Julie Kantor, Annamila First Nations Foundation; Tabitha Lovett, Besen Family Foundation; Leonard Vary, The Myer Foundation; Kristy Muir, Paul Ramsay Foundation; Georgina Byron, The Snow Foundation; Kate Kennedy, Barlow Impact Group; Jill Reichstein, Reichstein Foundation; Sarah Hardy, The Ross Trust; Caitriona Fay, Perpetual; Catherine Brown, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation; Maree Sidey, Australian Communities Foundation.

Photo by Eamon Gallagher, appeared in the Australian Financial Review 28 April 2023.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has joined an alliance of Australia’s leading philanthropic foundations to declare its support for the Voice to Parliament.

Today, this alliance of 31 of Australia’s leading philanthropic foundations announced a combined $17 million pledge from the philanthropic sector to the Yes campaigns. We are calling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to have a say in the matters that affect them through an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice within the Constitution.

Alongside Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the alliance includes The Myer Foundation, Paul Ramsay Foundation, Besen Family Foundation, CAGES Foundation, Nelson Meers Foundation, Oranges & Sardines Foundation, Perpetual Trustees, Ross Trust, Snow Foundation and more. Other foundations are continuing to join the pledge.

The Foundation’s CEO Dr Catherine Brown OAM said, “We are supporting the Yes campaign to give our support to all First Nations people, particularly in Greater Melbourne, because we understand that the best outcomes emerge when the voices of those affected are heard. Giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples a say in matters that affect them will make a positive and practical difference and will help build a positive future for First Nations people and a more inclusive and resilient Australia.”

Philanthropy Australia CEO, Jack Heath, welcomed the Pledge and said it was a great example of philanthropy doing what it does best – coming together to advocate for change that will have a profound, long-term impact in the lives of individuals and their communities.
“Philanthropy Australia’s support for the Yes case is based on listening to what First Nations peoples say is needed to improve their daily lives and it is backed by the overwhelming majority of our membership.   

“We believe that a successful referendum will lead to a better future for all Australians and we acknowledge those philanthropists who are leading the way through this pledge.”

The Pledgers

  • Alberts | The Tony Foundation

  • Annamila First Nations Foundation

  • Australian Communities Foundation

  • Balnaves Foundation

  • Barlow Impact Group

  • Besen Family Foundation

  • CAGES Foundation

  • Dusseldorp Forum

  • Equity Trustees (various trusts and foundations)

  • Ferris Family Foundation

  • Georgina Byron

  • Hansen Little Foundation

  • Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation


  • Naomi Milgrom Foundation

  • Nelson Meers Foundation

  • Oranges & Sardines Foundation

  • Paul Ramsay Foundation

  • Perpetual

  • Reichstein Foundation

  • Siddle Family Foundation

  • Skrzynski Family Sky Foundation

  • The Keys Family

  • The Myer Foundation

  • The Ross Trust

  • The Scully Fund

  • The Snow Foundation

  • Tripple

  • Wyatt Trust

  • Plus anonymous donors