Friday, 31 March 2023

Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation obtained a special listing as a Deductible Gift Recipient status item 1 (DGR1) in July 2021.

This special status means that the Foundation can receive tax deductible donations for initiatives from a broader range of donors, including from Private Ancillary Funds and Public Ancillary Funds.

The Foundation’s CEO Dr Catherine Brown OAM says, “This is critical in responding to the challenges facing our community, developing our role as a leader and convener to pool funds to support strategic projects at scale. We are working on some key initiatives through the Foundation including affordable housing, climate change, climate safe neighbourhoods, disaster response, and jobs created by social enterprises. This DGR1 status means that we can collaborate and coordinate giving to increase our impact.”

We have developed a Philanthropy Toolbox to address systemic social change through a range of mechanisms beyond simply distributing grants. Our work is guided and informed by research and evidence, and we use our ability to convene partners (including across sectors) to leverage funding and knowledge.

“Holding DGR1 status means we can work even more collaboratively to address the major challenges facing Melbourne such as homelessness, heatwave vulnerability, and inclusive and sustainable jobs,” added Catherine.

Learn more about our initiatives seeking partnerships.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund remains a Public Ancillary Fund with DGR2 endorsement holding Charitable Fund Accounts for donors and community funds.

To discuss your giving options, please contact the Development team on (03) 9633 0033 or online.