Monday, 29 May 2017

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation recently launched its fundraising campaign Changing Melbourne for Good with ABC’s Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis.

As a passionate advocate of sustainable living and community kitchen gardens, Costa has thrown his support behind the Foundation’s campaign to help bring awareness to the issues around food sustainability and raise much needed funds for the establishment of community kitchen gardens across Melbourne.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and their Changing Melbourne for Good campaign,” said Costa.

“It’s so encouraging to see the work they’re doing with vulnerable communities in Melbourne and how they’re helping improve food sustainability, security and food rescue.”

As part of Changing Melbourne for Good, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is supporting three initiatives helping to increase our food supply so that all Melburnians have access to fresh, nutritious food. These are Cultivating Community, Victorian Eco Innovation Lab’s Foodprint research and Foodbank’s new education and training centre.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Chief Executive Officer Catherine Brown is encouraging everyone to support Changing Melbourne for Good by making a donation to the fundraising campaign.

“More than four per cent of Melburnians have reported that they often go without food. In a community minded city like Melbourne, we need to take care of vulnerable families and individuals,” said Catherine.

In 2015, the Foundation provided a grant to Cultivating Community for the Fitzroy Community Food Centre which has now become a thriving centre for people to come together to learn to cook, grow and share food.

“With the success at Fitzroy Community Food Centre, the Foundation is supporting Cultivating Community to expand its community food program to 20 public housing and social housing communities across Melbourne.

“These food programs are bringing Melburnians together to celebrate and respect the diverse cultures represented in each community, which develops stronger and more resilient communities,” said Catherine.

“With the help from our donors, we will be able to achieve our goal of funding all three projects”.