Friday, 10 June 2022

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation continues funding research projects into the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the community.

One of the first projects funded early in 2020 was Alfred Health’s research about the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable people and communities. This research assisted with the public health response.

Another grant to Alfred Health and Victoria University funded research on the impact of the pandemic on our healthcare system. The research showed the devastating impacts on the mental health and wellbeing of workers across the healthcare system – over 60% reported burnout and anxiety.
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation Winter Appeal will help fund new research which will develop and test solutions to build resilience and support the mental health of frontline healthcare workers.
Frontline workers in the charitable sector have also experienced severe impacts on their mental health due to the pressures of the pandemic and increased need from the people and communities they support.
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation is committed to building the capacity of the charitable sector to respond to community needs. A recent grant provided to The Xfactor Collective Foundation will create and build an online wellbeing hub for workers to access the mental health support they require.
The Wellbeing and Resilience Hub will be a go-to resource for the charitable sector on all matters related to organisational and individual mental health and leadership. Organisations will be able to access fit-for-purpose resources such as self-paced learning and training, webinars, tailored consultations, and downloadable resources, all supported by leading expert mental health advisors. The Hub is due to launch mid-2023.
Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation CEO, Dr Catherine Brown OAM is encouraging the community to consider donating to support both the healthcare and charitable sectors.

“As we approach the end of financial year, I encourage people and communities across Australia to consider donating to your favourite charity or local community foundation. Frontline workers in the healthcare and charitable sectors need our support more than ever. A donation will help to care for our community and support the incredible work of our frontline workers.”

You can support frontline workers, through the Caring for the Community Campaign.