Tuesday, 7 January 2020

In response to the devastating bushfires across Victoria, Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation has provided a grant of $50,000 to Foodbank Victoria and a grant of $100,00 to the Salvation Army to assist with immediate relief for communities affected during the bushfire crisis.

As part of our Environment & Sustainability and Healthy & Resilient Communities Impact Areas, we continue to support communities across Greater Melbourne and Victoria as the climate changes.

We help with recovery efforts after extreme weather events, natural disasters, such as the current bushfires in East Gippsland, and other major emergencies.

Learn more about how the Foundation assists communities to prepare and plan for extreme weather events »

  • Victorian Bushfire Relief - Foodbank Victoria
    ORGANISATION: Foodbank Victoria
    PROJECT: Victorian Bushfire Relief
    GRANT: $50,000 

    Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation provided a grant to Foodbank Victoria which was used for emergency food relief in Victorian communities impacted by the bushfires. This included the provision of hampers packed with food staples such as cereal, rice, pasta, pasta sauce, baked beans, tuna, noodles, UHT milk, tinned fruit and vegetables, as well as hot meals prepared at evacuation centres. Other hampers with key staples and household cleaning products were provided to people returning to their homes.
  • Bushfire Disaster Appeal - The Salvation Army
    ORGANISATION: The Salvation Army
    PROJECT: Bushfire Disaster Appeal
    GRANT: $100,000

    Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation’s grant to The Salvation Army provided quality meals to fire fighters, emergency workers, evacuees and community members with food and water, essential personal care packs and bedding. The Salvation Army also provided cash grants up to $1,000 to individuals and families.