Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation recognises that women face specific barriers in the community because of their gender and this plays a significant role in the way they can experience different aspects of life.

The Foundation apples a gender lens approach across its work to ensure it can better address women’s particular needs and circumstances, informing program design, promoting inclusion and enhancing impact.

The Foundation reports and measures on gender through its Strategic Plan and in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, and asks its grantees how they consider people of different genders in the design of their projects.

Philanthropic foundations play a pivotal role in effecting positive, systemic social change through a range of mechanisms beyond simply distributing grants. Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation refers to this as the 'Philanthropy Toolbox' and includes influencing policy, fostering collaboration, commissioning research and investments.


You can learn more about the Foundation’s innovative gender lens and our support of women and girls across the Philanthropy Toolbox:


Women in Philanthropy

In our centenary year, we celebrate and acknowledge our women donors including the lasting legacy of Annette, Alice and Edith Collier and the ever-inspiring Melbourne Women's Fund.

Our women donors enable us to continue to have the positive impact we have on Melbourne today and in the future.

We’re working on creating Melbourne as an inclusive, resilient and sustainable city for all.

Strengthening investment in women and girls helps create gender equality, and a fairer world for all.