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Funding Principles

Each year the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation receives and evaluates grants applications from charities and not-for-profit organisations seeking assistance for initiatives which contribute to improving quality of life for those experiencing disadvantage and to address important social issues and challenges.

The Foundation's approach to grantmaking is reflected in the following funding principles:

Increase life opportunities
We will support projects and programs which work to increase life opportunities and overcome barriers for participation.

Promote social inclusion and cohesion
We will support projects, programs or organisations which actively promote social inclusion and cohesion.

Community Engagement
We will support projects, programs and organisations that encourage community engagement.

Engage beyond grants
We will leverage our grantmaking, when appropriate, with other tools for change.

Knowledge creation and dissemination
We will promote and encourage knowledge creation and dissemination through our work, both as an organisation and as a partner.

Transparency and Accountability
We will work transparently and responsibly across all of our operations.

Sustainability of the activity following the conclusion of the grant will be taken into consideration when assessing grants.

Balanced Giving
We will work to achieve a balance in our granting between addressing immediate needs and investing in projects and organisations that support long-term social change.