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Submitting your application

Ensure that you:

  • Check that your organisation or nominated project is eligible to apply
  • Follow the specific application requirements, if you are applying on behalf of a university or research institute 
  • ​Read and comply with the guidelines for the grant type
  • Speak with one of our Program Managers about the proposed project's alignment with the Foundation's Impact Areas and grant types. Please note, this is a mandatory part of the application process.
  • Collect the required supporting documents, in the requested formats
  • Allow sufficient time to prepare and complete your application

Ready to apply

After submission

  • Once submitted, a PDF of your application is available to download from the Grants Portal
  • Applications are initially assessed by the Foundation's staff and expert Grants Advisory Panel before being considered by the Foundation's Board
  • Once the Board have made their decision, you will receive notification of the outcome of your application
  • Given the volume of applications, the Foundation cannot provide individual feedback on specific applications

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